Wondering how to decorate the first baby’s room? – Sensible & Flexible Decorating & Fun Bedding Ideas!


Decorating the nursery is a wonderful part of planning for the new arrival, it’s part of the whole experience of having a baby. It gives you the chance to plan the perfect setting for the new arrival – with so many choices from carpets, rugs, curtains, painting and wallpaper etc. It can be hard to choose the perfect baby girl or baby boy because there’s so much choice and different varieties with bedding but so much fun to browse and dream about different décor themes that could potentially be in your baby’s room.

Savvy parents know that tastes change over time and once baby becomes a toddler they have a mind of their own, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Therefore making the room flexible and easy to adjust easily for when the toddler develops their character and they start knowing what they like.

Painting or wallpapering a bedroom is a lot of work and not the sort of thing you want to do all that often as it takes time, hard work and it’s very messy. Not to mention the stress factor in the build up to birth.

It makes a lot of sense to stick with a neutral color palette on the walls and ceiling. Especially if the room your baby will start life in is also going to be his or hers future room. Because when kids get a certain age they start liking their own things, so you certainly don’t want to be painting and putting up wall paper when the kid might decide it’s too childish for them or they don’t like it anymore when they get older.

One solution is to paint or paper only one wall as a focal point and leave the remaining walls neutral. Use removable decorative so then it’s easy to change when the baby grows up and absolutely must have a Spiderman or Barbie themed room.

Borders are another way to introduce a design element, décor theme or motif that can be changed without too much effort; strategic use of textiles is another option. When you use home textiles such as area rugs, window panels, throw pillows and bedding you can quickly change the look of a room with little more effort required than making the bed.

When your child is ready to move out of the crib you are typically faced with the need to redecorate the room and invest in new furniture. A convertible toddler bed is an excellent option because it can be used even after your child moves into a standard bed. Most convertible toddler beds are designed so they can be reconfigured into an oversized chair which is perfect for sitting in and reading picture books with your little one. They are also handy if you have another child on the way because they can be used again as a toddler bed.

When it’s time to move your child into a standard bed there are still many choices to be made, now you can even get themed beds too for example Spiderman, princess beds and Disney beds.

A canopy bed is often the dream of many a little girl but they can be large and expensive. If size or cost is a consideration you can go with a standard bed and then simply buy a bed canopy. Most can be easily installed using ordinary household tools.

With all the different sizes you will have some decisions to make. Will you go with a twin size bed or is there space for a queen size bed; are bunk beds a possibility or would a loft bed be a suitable option? The size of the bedroom and the number of children you have or plan to have often dictates your design and décor options, but think ahead and try and be as flexible as possible when choosing décor and bed options. They grow up all too quickly and the last thing you need is to be decorating once year!


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