What Should I Bring When Traveling With A Baby?


Traveling along with a baby can be a very challenging task for any parent. Infants and babies may need nonstop attention reason why it is important to be fully-equipped with all the necessary garments, tools, and gears when travel with them. To prevent any exhaustion and distress during the entire trip, child experts highly recommend that parents should have a go-bag and a checklist of travel essentials for the baby’s need for comfort and safety.

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To avoid any tension for your upcoming family road trip or vacation, it is important for parents to be well-educated about the basic ins and outs when traveling with a baby. To assist you in preparing for your most awaited trip, below are just some helpful tips to consider when traveling with a little baby:

DOCUMENTS - When traveling, it is important to bring some important documents or papers. Some destinations may require these documents for traveling babies for security purposes. You can bring your baby’s birth certificate, vaccination cards, health care insurance card, and passport.

TOILETRIES - To keep your baby clean and comfortable during the whole trip, it is crucial that you pack for his toiletries. Below is a simple checklist of newborn, infant, and baby’s daily essentials:

ü  Diapers

ü  Changing pads

ü  Diaper cream, antibacterial cream, sunblock, and disinfectants

ü  Baby wash, washcloth, or inflatable bath tub

ü  Cotton buds, cotton balls, tissues, and baby wipes


ü  HEALTH CARE - When traveling, it is important to ensure your baby’s over-all health. Parents must need to bring along a first-aid kit to attend to all the immediate health needs of the baby.  Below are some of the basic things to pack in a first-aid kit:

ü  Band aids

ü  Prescription meds and OTC meds

ü  Topical meds

ü  Vitamins

ü  List of healthcare providers and their contact numbers in case of emergency


ü  FOOD - Your baby needs to be well-hydrated and fed during the travel. Listed below are some things you need to pack for your baby’s consumption needs:

ü  Bottled water

ü  Formula-milk

ü  Cereal

ü  Eating utensils

ü  Feeding bottles or cups

ü  Bib

CLOTHES - Babies must stay comfortable and clean when traveling. It is important that parents pack clothes and essential garments along. Some of the most common and basic garments to pack are:

ü  At least 2 sets of outfits per day

ü  Jacket or coat

ü  Blanket

ü  Mittens, booties, shoes

ü  Hats

TRAVEL GEARS - For your peace of mind, it is highly recommended to invest on durable travel gears like car seats, infant carriers, strollers, and travel systems. These travel gears are specifically designed and created to ensure that your baby can travel safely and conveniently.

PLAY - Your baby may become bored, unhappy, and uncomfortable during the trip. It is also important that you bring along some stuffs and gadgets to keep him entertained. You can bring some of his favorite toys, CD players of children’s songs and lullabies, and portable crib or play pen.

Smart and efficient packing is the key to hassle-free trip with your little one. Always remember that the safety and comfort of your baby must be at top of your priority at all times. So before planning a family trip, be well-equipped and be ready with your checklist.

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Sherry is a new mother who love to traveling with her 6 months old daughter. She has always been focus on baby safety and has recently run a website to help parents to choose the best convertible car seat for baby for traveling.


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