What are the Best Natural Methods for Relieving Teething Pain?


Teething pain is a natural part of any baby’s development. But whilst some children will get through this process easily and with little discomfort, for others it can be a painful time which is often very uncomfortable and occasionally distressing. If your child is having trouble with teething, you’re most likely experience this discomfort yourself in the form of sleepless nights and worry about your baby’s health.

There are plenty of remedies for teething pain, which take all sorts of different forms. These can include anything from gels and compresses to behavioural therapies, as well as the ever popular teethers which put pressure on the gums and distract your baby from the pain they’re experiencing.

Opting for Natural Alternatives

Many of the items which are available to buy today to help your child with teething pain can be purchased directly from a baby store or over the counter in a pharmacy. But despite the ease of obtaining such items, some mothers aren’t convinced of the long term benefit of using solutions which comprise, for the most part, chemicals and plastic. Instead, these mothers opt for remedies which are more natural, and therefore potentially less harmful to their babies. As with chemical or plastic methods, there are plenty of natural methods for helping to relieve your child’s teething pain. Many of these can be found in the home, or are otherwise cheap and easy to source.

Frozen Bananas

Cold items will reduce swelling, so applying something cold to your baby’s gums will help to stop their gums from becoming inflamed. The cold will also numb some of the pain. But don’t let your baby suck on ice, as this can be dangerous. Instead, offer them a piece of frozen banana for a fun treat which will give them relief.

Amber Teethers

Amber teethers have experienced a resurgence in popularity as, unlike many modern style teethers, amber is a natural material which is fine for your baby to have in their mouths. You can find a wide selection of amber teethers online at Amber Pumpkin.


The gentle pressure offered by teethers can also be provided by your own hands. Make gum massage a part of your natural bonding time – simply rub your baby’s gums with a clean finger and watch that happy face light up.

Stay on Top of Hygiene

A teething mouth is more prone to infection, especially when the teeth have broken the surface of the gum. It’s never too late to start your child’s oral hygiene routine, so start brushing as soon as you see that first tooth!


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