Ways to keep fit on a family holiday

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When many of us go on holiday, we see it as a time to relax and enjoy ourselves with as few worries as possible.

When some of us go away, we try and not worry too much about what we eat, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that that you could avoid exercise while you are away, but you may not want to go to the gym either.

If you go away as a family, then here are some tips for keeping fit on holiday.

Let the kids take some skates or a bike

If you are going somewhere where you think it will be safe, then you could let the kids take a bike or some skates with them. If you don’t want to carry the extra weight around with you, then you could also let them take a pair of heely trainers. Just make sure that you keep a close watch of them, and get them the right protective gear.

Don’t just lounge when you are on the beach

While the beach can be a great place to go and relax, it can also be a great place to have some family bonding time and some exercise, even without going in the sea. Take a ball and have a kick around or go looking for sea shells to collect as a family.

Go for a walk and see the sights

If you are holidaying somewhere that you have never been, going on a long walk can be a nice way to make sure you see all the sites. You might even find a cafe that you can stop off at for a treat along the way.

Make use of the pool

If your hotel or camp site has a pool, then take advantage and make sure you use it. Just make sure that you help each other out and keep each other safe.

Try and not overeat just because you are on holiday

It can be tempting to not pay attention to what we eat when we are all holiday and just eat what we want when we want it as a way to enjoy ourselves. While you don’t want to worry so much that it dominates your time away, try and not go overboard just because you are on holiday and try and be aware of what you are eating. 


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