Understand the Nature and Personality Traits On The Basis Of the Name

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Have you ever thought that your name can specifically determine your personality traits? A name of a person is not merely an identification mark but an inside into the personality of the person. It is the outcome of the brilliant calculations that are done on the basis of the full name of a person. It can give you some breathtaking feedback about yourself. So, if you have been undergoing the lost personality syndrome and you are in dilemma about your future then name numerology is the best way to give direction to your life.

Concepts and theories of numerology

The field of future telling is based on three main theories that are astrology, palmistry and numerology. It is an art of predicting future on the basis of the mysterious numeric calculations, birth name etc. There are many people across who believe in numerology because they have tasted the fruitful results with the help of fortune telling. Even when there is no scientific proof of these future predictions, but it is a predictive science. It helps in boosting up the self confidence of the people because when they know about their future, they are better prepared to deal with the unfavourable situations as well. It derives occult and esoteric relationships between the numbers and physical objects around.

The position of the numbers is the key to understand human behaviour in numerology.  Right from birth to death a person is governed by a certain principal planet and a secondary planet is governed by the numbers so allotted. It begins with radiating the vibrations of the number or the planet to which a person is associated with and it determines his physiology, thinking, ambitions, career, health, emotions, relationships, finances, likes, dislikes and many other aspects of life in general. People often make the mistake of believing an old adage, ‘what’s there in name?’ However, your name can speak a lot about your personality. So, if you were also mistaken then correct yourself by feeding in your name in the name numerology boxes on the net and read about the undiscovered side of your personality.

Magic of the numbers in your name

The concept of name numerology is involved analysis of the numbers to understand aptitudes and character tendencies of the human beings. It is done by assigning a number to every alphabet and this numeric value provides a related outer space and cosmic vibrations. The derivative sum of the numbers of your full name and sum of the numbers in the date of birth creates an interrelation between the vibrations which speak for your character, goals to be achieved in life, motivating factors and talents that you posses. The experts in name numerology can even choose the best time for making the major moves in your life like marriage, change in jobs, business launch etc. So that things turn out to be in good shape. Go NumerologyAnswers.com and test your brain.

It is believed that everything in life is predestined and nothing happens just by chance, so the interrelations between numbers and cosmic vibrations can let you know about what’s going to happen next. You can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your personality and mend your ways accordingly to accomplish your goal.  The power of your name can turn in to a positive energy around to act as a motivating factor to keep working and reach your destiny. You can find appropriate solutions for improving your career and growth prospects. There are a number of online numerology websites which can give you an insight about your personality and create a difference in your life. So, just to begin with you can learn about the magic of your name from these numerology portals for free.

Experience the change in your life with the name numerology predictions

A wonderful idea to bring about a change in the life of the people around you is to gift them with the benefits of numerology as under.

  • Boosts self confidence and increases knowledge about one’s own strengths and weakness
  • Helps in maintaining compatibility in relationships
  • Assists in making the correct decisions about career
  • Flush out the negative energy with the inflow of positive energy

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