Taking a Great Family Ordinated Holiday to Lanzarote

The family holiday is a tradition all over the world and in many cultures. Packing up the family car, strapping in for the trip, and exploring the world are all part of the everlasting tradition Some families explore the world close by and others the far ends of the earth, but where ever you go, there is always one truth. Where ever you choose to explore there needs to be enough activities for the children to be entertained.

Lanzarote is a beautiful island in the Canary Islands of Spain. This little island retreat is quickly becoming the destination of choice for families. You will find chic, eco-friendly hotels, villas, and lodgings that offer days of relaxation, adventure, and local culture. When traveling with you children, there is always something to do on the island with beaches and watersports galore.

Biosphere Shopping Centre

Biosphere Shopping Centre 300x177 Taking a Great Family Ordinated Holiday to Lanzarote

In the eastern section of the island, Puerto del Carmen hosts the Biosphere shopping centre perfect for parents and children of all ages. There is a variety of restaurants, a ball park, crazy golf and pool tables. You will enjoy the indoor and outdoor activities with some shade for relaxing outside of the sun.

Rancho Texas Animal Park

Rancho Texas Animal Park 300x193 Taking a Great Family Ordinated Holiday to Lanzarote

Also in Pueto del Carmen is the Rancho Texas Animal Park were you can enjoy a day of fun at this animal theme park. Experience the spirit of the American West on the Spanish island. You and the children will enjoy the splash zone, staged wild west performances, mock gunfights, live music and the animals. There is a restaurant, daily animal shows, and a large swimming pool. If you book a reservation early, you can get a discounted price. This is a great location perfect for all ages.

Lanzarote A Caballo

Lanzarote A Caballo 300x198 Taking a Great Family Ordinated Holiday to Lanzarote

In Puerto Calero your family will enjoy the Lanzarote A Caballo, a horse and camel park. There are horse and camel rides, paint balls, and an Apache theme restaurant. Whether you want to stay for a short time or extend your visit longer, there is plenty to do. The indoor restaurant is a great place to relax and enjoy some downtown with the family.

Go Karting

Go Karting 300x229 Taking a Great Family Ordinated Holiday to Lanzarote

Take a day and go to the races at Go Karting near San Bartolome. This is an ideal place to watch the kids race each other on the kart track or take to the track and have a family race. This is a fun place for all ages. Make sure you take some bottle water and refreshing snacks, because while you will have a great day of fun, there is no shade to escape the sun.


Carnival in Lanzarote

Carnival in Lanzarote 300x225 Taking a Great Family Ordinated Holiday to Lanzarote

Carnivals are a great way to experience the culture of a locale. In Lanzarote the annual carnival is the highlight of the year. There is a boisterous parade with glitzy costumes. Leading up to the week of Ash Wednesday the celebration includes a pageant where a Carnival Queen is selected. The grand gala concludes just before the Easter season of Lent. If you are in Lazarote in February make sure to check out the annual holiday festivity



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