SUCCEED IN THE ART OF NURSING…To make your Child Succeed in the ART of LACHT-ON


I was excited about my pregnancy, those milk laden breasts made me curious on how my new born will be latching and how will I be managing the proper nursing of my baby. And the actual time of action came when my baby stepped into the World and opened her beautiful and innocent eyes reflecting the mere sense of confusion on how to fill her demanding stomach when now she is out of her mother’s womb. My first action to this was, show my breasts with the shy nipples and make her relax with a silent conversion, “Baby here is your private nursing object through which you can satisfy your hunger need.” But as me and my baby both were new to this “Art of Nursing”; we faced some enigma in proper latch-on and breastfeeding for first couple of weeks till we learnt and made ourselves comfortable to this wonderful art!

ART OF NURSING SUCCEED IN THE ART OF NURSING…To make your Child Succeed in the ART of LACHT ONLike me and my baby; most of the mothers and new born suffer from breastfeeding problems and look for the proper solution on this. If you are one among the “Proud woman with your baby inside or newly born”, then go for an eye read on this content providing some serviceable information on how to succeed in proper nursing and act of latch-on.

Prime and most common problem in Nursing:

Almost all the ladies face difficulty in the breastfeeding act when they are new to this art of nursing. And it is noticed that the most common hindrance in this act is an incongruous latch-on. The new mothers usually face problem in setting themselves in the perfect position for an easygoing latch-on process of the new born. As a result, the baby fails to take the breast properly and thus does not get a satisfactory level of milk even in lot of latching span. This long and improper nursing act creates sore nipples in mothers and many a times results in exhaustion and frustration.

It is not about the pain I have in my nipples. It is about the pain that my baby is not properly fed my milk.” Now if you second this saying, then here are effective steps you can follow to latch your baby properly.

Steps to follow for proper latch-on:

Step I: Keep a relaxed position for self: It is easier for the perfect milk flow, when mother remains relaxed and holds a well supported body. So, at first, go for a comfort positioning of you to start with the breastfeeding act. Fill your nursing station with a comfortable chair, enough of pillows and soothing music for a relaxed phage of nursing.

Step II: Position your baby properly: You may choose any of the position for your breastfeeding, but make sure you have set your baby in a proper way. Maybe it is a football hold, crutch hold or maybe it is a side-lying nursing act; be very much sure that your kid’s head and body are faced towards your breast and mouth properly fitting the nipples in a cozy manner.

Step III: Encourage your baby to latch on: Many times, babies usually do not open their mouth, or do not hold nipples constantly and thus lack a proper breastfeed. “When your husband is not in mood; you have to arouse him on your own erotic way.” The same manner, in the art of nursing; you need to tempt your new born to open mouth and hold you nipples so as to keep him engaged in the art of latch-on. Shed few drops of milk on your nipples and turn them moist and then with the milk-moistened nipples gently rub or massage your baby lips. This would encourage him to open mouth and hold your nipples and start the action of latching.

How to encourage mothers to go for this act of nursing for at least first six months of your baby’s life?

No mother intentionally wants to keep her baby away from her breast milk. It is the adverse condition and improper knowledge on this wonderful breastfeeding art which coerce few new mothers to withdraw from this art in their early motherhood days.” Here are few tips to encourage mothers in breastfeeding their kids for at least first six months.

  • Go for proper lactation consultancy and get the effective knowledge on how to nurse your new born perfectly.
  • Take assistance from elderly women in family to get acquainted with this act of nursing.
  • Keep your baby close to your breast, leveling your nipples but make sure her gums take inside a one inch of radius around the nipples whilst latching. This would prevent you from soreness.
  • Wear a nursing bra, or sexy sleepwear for pregnant women which would keep you away from hassles during the act of breastfeeding and in turn keep you engaged in the same without being frustrated.

Remember, “Things turn great when you put on weight”. It is like, when you put your extra effort on anything, you get good result. So make sure you are diehard of nursing art, so as to grow your baby a healthy adult in future.

“The Breastfeeding Art is the nature’s health plan. Be a VERY lively part of this art.”

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