Save money this Christmas: top tips on saving cash


This article discusses small changes you can make to help you save cash in the run up to Christmas. Read on to find out a few really handy tips on how to avoid wasted funds and make your pay cheques last longer.


Pocket money

Pocket money. If you think pocket money is for kids, think again, because giving yourself a weekly pocket money allowance can help you stick to your overall budget without spending in ways you had not planned. Pocket money lets you gauge when you can afford a treat, and it is great way to prevent you form dipping into your savings for treats you can’t afford.


Of course, if you want to make provision for something in an emergency and pocket money just does not cut it, you can always approach a reputable lender like Santander, the Halifax or Wonga for credit facilities like a personal loan.


Charity shops

Charity shops are great places to shop if you have the time to look inside them. Instead of spending £100 on a new coat, when not see if you can get your hands on a great vintage coat in your local charity shop? Shopping in charity shops is a great way to make substantial savings on things you would otherwise pay much more for.


Upstyling and reusing

Upstyling and reusing is a great way to save yourself some money. Instead of chucking the old sofa out because you have decided to change the colour scheme, why don’t you look into ways of changing the appearance of the old sofa without the expense of paying for a new one. Sofas can be dyed, recovered, or even painted to achieve the effects you require. If you don’t trust yourself to do it, why not check out your local newspaper and see if you can hire someone with a bit of knowhow to upstyle it for you? This is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new suite.


Ditch those vices

New Year’s Resolutions ALL YEAR ROUND. For people on a budget, New Year’s Resolutions should not just be pursued just in the month of January. Instead why don’t you give yourself a challenge all year around and challenge yourself to cut out a bad, expensive habit like drinking or smoking? Cutting out smoking kills two birds with one stone so to speak as you will reap the rewards in terms of your health as well as in terms of your budget.


Packed lunches

Bringing a packed lunch to work lets you take control of your food budget more successfully. Instead of going out to buy a sandwich, or a baked spud at lunchtime, why not bring something tasty with one in a lunchbox? You can bring delicious quiche and it will still be cheaper than going out and spending cash on pubgrub and sandwiches. This strategy also ensures you can have exactly what you want for lunch and it makes it easier to diet and plan what foods to eat.




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