Quick Spanish for Puerto Rico Holidays for Kids


Spanish is widely spoken in this part of the world and if you are in for a Puerto Rico holiday, knowing a little bit of Spanish will make it a better experience than you think, although English is also widely spoken here.  Also, knowing Spanish will help you understand the places and their exact significance better.

Language Tips for Your Holiday in Puerto Rico

Holidays for Kids2 Quick Spanish for Puerto Rico Holidays for Kids
Besides, Gracias meaning a thank you or Buenos Dias meaning, Good Day there are some words and phrases that will help you to understand the tourist attractions in your Puerto Rico Holidays more pro-actively. Here are some examples of places and their names which will help you to recognize places of interest:

  • Cuidad de San Juan: City Of San Juan in other words San Juan City
  • Castillo de San Cristóbal: Castle of San Cristóbal in other words San Cristóbal Castle
  • Teatro Tapia: Tapia Theatre
  • Centro de Bellas Artes: Centre of Fine Arts in other words centro means center, bellas means fine and of course, artes means arts.
  • Fuerte de San Gerónimo: Fort of San Gerónimo in other words San Gerónimo Fort.
  • Casa Blanca: White House (not the American President’s home.)

When you are able to recognize the names of the places, you can get an idea of what the place is going to be like in your holiday in Puerto Rico. You can then spend time with kids and family in Puerto Rico. You would also require a good set of tours and transport services in Puerto Rico who speak English as well as Spanish to make the most of your Puerto Rico Holidays. If you are looking for tours and transport for Puerto Rico holidays, with a variety of vehicles at your disposal, contact VIP Limo PR.

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