Newborn Photography: Preparing for

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Your newborn baby is beautiful and precious, and you probably wish you could keep him small for longer. To preserve the memories of your baby as a newborn, you may want to schedule a professional photography session to get some photos done. But how do you choose a photographer, and how do you ready your newborn for the session? Newborns run on their own schedules, and it can be difficult to really plan ahead for something. This is why it’s important to be prepared for your session.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when scheduling and preparing for your newborn’s photography session.trans Newborn Photography: Preparing for

Choose Wisely

When you’re looking for a professional photographer in your area, make sure to consider the location. Is the location pretty close by, so that your baby won’t get cranky in the car? Is it in a busy mall, where the commotion might scare the child? Also, make sure you find a photographer that you feel comfortable going to. Pick one with great reviews, and a price that fits in your price range. Also, make sure to look at the photographer’s portfolio before choosing. Do you like the look and style of his or her work? Do the sample photos make you feel excited about the photographer?trans Newborn Photography: Preparing for

Prepare for Anything and Everything

The last thing you want to happen is for your baby to spit up all over the cute clothing you brought. Bring at least 2 extra changes of clothing in case of spit-ups or leaks. Bring plenty of extra diapers, and a rag or two. Also, be prepared to need to feed the baby. Depending on how young the baby is, how long the session lasts, and when the baby last ate, you may end up needing to feed him or her to avoid crying and crankiness. Bring a blanket along as well, or something to help soothe the baby if he or she starts crying.trans Newborn Photography: Preparing for

Gather Ideas

When you think about newborn photography, you probably get some specific images in your head – images you’ve seen before that have stuck with you. Before your session, decide if there are any poses or backgrounds that you’d really love to see, and might be disappointed without. For instance, when you think of newborn photography, do you think about the baby laid in all white, fluffily, cloud-like material? Or, do you think about those precious pictures of newborn babies in pretty baskets? If there’s a certain one that you’re really interested in having, make sure to let your photographer know. Also, look through the portfolio beforehand for some ideas about what you’d like. If you pick a great photographer, he or she should also have plenty of ideas, if you’re open to whatever he or she thinks is best.trans Newborn Photography: Preparing for

No Stress

If you stress out about what might happen during your session, it’s not going to be as fun. Relax and have a good time! Newborn photographers are used to babies spitting up and peeing on the set. If you stop worrying and just go with the flow of whatever your newborn does, you’ll have a much better session. Just make sure to enjoy the experience, because your newborn will only be a newborn for a very short amount of time!trans Newborn Photography: Preparing for

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