Message Ideas For Baby Boy Cards

The birth of a baby boy in a family is a happy occasion and you can greet and welcome the new baby to this world by sending a card to his family. If you feel that the phrases in the commercial greeting cards are not up to your expectations of just what you are looking for, you can write in your own words whatever you want to convey. You may write your wishes on a baby card that is blank or you may make use of card stock of light blue color and write your wishes in your best handwriting. The new parents will definitely be pleased at your effort whether you write rhymes or your heartfelt wishes.

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When you express your happiness, you must take care to highlight the change that has come over their family and recognize each and every member. Some writings that you can use to express your happiness are: “Our hearts were filled with joy/When we came to know that the two of you have become three” or “To cherish and to love forever/Your family of four beautiful people” or “Your new addition to the family/Our best wishes to the five members of your family.” After writing any of these, you must definitely add the words, “Congratulations on having a baby boy.”

                                                               Write a Message to Parents

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When writing the message to the parents, you need to focus on conveying your thinking as to what fine parents the couple would make. Messages on baby cards may be short or long, but it could be something like – “Congratulations on your new baby boy/We believe he is a very lucky boy” or “Perfect parents.” You cannot just stop it here; you must end with “Congratulations on having a baby boy.” In case you know the couple for a long time, you may write something like this: “John and Christine, You have grown as a couple as well as individually to become the people you are now. We are extremely happy to know of Adam’s birth. In you, he has the most wonderful role models that he can emulate.” When you write from your heart, you will always be right.

                                                              Write a Message to the Baby

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You must also write a message directly addressed to the baby, as a keepsake, if your relationship with the family is very close. It can be something like this: “Matthew, We welcome you to this planet. We want to let you know that Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim will be there for you whenever you want each day. We love you.” Or “Andrew, On this happy occasion of your birth, we wish you all happiness. We will always be there to support you”.

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