Losing a Loved One Funerals and Memorials

loosing loved ones

As much as we don’t want to cause our families pain, many people refuse to think about their own passing and don’t bother to make funeral arrangements or put money aside for a relative to arrange it.

If you lose a family member suddenly, you might find yourself having to pay out for the funeral costs before the deceased’s estate is finalised. If you find yourself in this situation and you think you have enough money to cover the costs, but then realise you haven’t included something that your loved one might have wanted, like a church service with a choir, or a big party.

You can of course, go to your bank and ask them to loan you the money, but face to face interviews, or long phone calls might be a bit stressful at this time and, it might take a while to organise.

Go online and visit the Pay Day Loan site Wonga, they can loan you the little bit more you need and you can pay it back as soon as you receive your next pay cheque. The application is filled in online, there are no phone calls or interviews and, if you are approved, the money can be transferred to your bank in around 15 minutes.

A Burial gives you and your family the opportunity to have a gravestone engraved and it gives a place to visit and put flowers. Many people visit their deceased loved one at their graveside on a weekly basis and tend and care for the plot carefully.

A Cremation allows you to take the ashes of your loved one away from the Funeral Parlour. You are usually presented with the ashes in a special urn and you can, if you choose, take the urn and keep it with you at home. Other people prefer to scatter the ashes in a garden of remembrance and others choose to scatter the ashes in a place that was special to the deceased, maybe at sea, or on a hill top, or at the local football ground (you probably need permission for this one).

Another way to remember a loved one is by creating a memorial. This could be in the form of a bench at your local park or gardens, with a memorial plaque, which people will read as they sit down on the bench. Planting trees is also a popular memorial. There are sites where you can plant the tree yourself, or others where trees are planted on your behalf and you are sent a certificate to confirm that the tree has been planted.

People of the Jewish faith have plagues engraved and place them on a memorial wall, underneath the plaque is a place to place a stone, which is done, according to Jewish tradition when the deceased’s loved ones recite memorial prayers.

If you are sure you want something special done for you on your passing, don’t be afraid to talk about it with your family, that way, they know what you want and can organise it when the time comes, it will also help them to know that they were able to grant your last wish.

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