Little home touches can make great Mother’s Day presents


Mother’s Day can be stressful for sons and daughters. Trying to buy for your mother is difficult – especially if you’re a son. She’s probably fed up with the same bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. This article aims to help with some alternative ideas based around things she might like in the home. You can guarantee longevity, unlike flowers that grow stagnant and die on the windowsill.


Some of these ideas could prove expensive, however if you split the cost with any siblings you’ll find you can find most of these gifts are at reasonable prices.


The Reader


If your mother is a keen reader why not enhance her reading experience. We all need somewhere comfy to settle down with a good book. You could buy her a comfy reading chair that she could position in front of the fire or overlooking the garden. Another bonus of these upright chairs is that they can provide therapy for anyone with back issues – they are even recommended by doctors and therapists.


If she is already in possession of a good chair then why not buy a footstool. Once you start using a footstool it becomes increasingly difficult to get comfortable without one and they are a great addition to a reading chair.




The Coffee Drinker


Coffee is growing increasingly popular, especially amongst the older generation. Why not pick up a coffee maker for Mother’s Day? It can provide coffee shop quality coffee for half the price – not factoring in the price of the machine, obviously. Maybe it will give her a chance to try new things like latte macchiato, cappuccino, or an americano.


She’s going to need somewhere to put that cup of frothy coffee, why not buy an apothecary style coffee table. They’re are sturdy and attractive. They give a hint of antiquity to any room. Plus with all their drawers and cupboards they make for great storage devices. And who, after seeing the table from Friends didn’t want one?


The Beauty


Is there a bare space on one of your mother’s walls? Why not fill it with a picture of the family? If, however, you tire of looking at pictures of yourself when visiting, fill that space with a beautifully ornate mirror with gilded edges. A large mirror will help to give the room the illusion that it has grown bigger.


The idea of this article was to get you thinking outside of the box slightly so that you can make this year’s Mother’s Day a little more special than usual. However, if you want further help, why not check outthis post on Mother’s Day ideas. When in doubt though, I suppose you can’t go wrong with chocolate and flowers – even if it is unimaginative.


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