Ideas For Kids on Rainy Days

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Rainy days are not a huge hit for kids, (and for many others, for that matter). It locks them all up in the house, unable to play outside. Well, though the rain may ruin your plans for the kids, here are a few ideas to help them get the most out of the rainy days.

Colouring. Your creativity is very much needed on rainy days. Get your kids busy on coloring books, puzzles and board games. They are fun plus educational and instructive for them. These amusements may differ according to your kids’ ages but not to you; you can do all these activities with them. When you get the chance, draw out your craft materials and make your kids imaginative. They can draw, sketch, or paint anything they can imagine, just as long as they don’t get too messy.trans Ideas For Kids on Rainy Days

Make the floor your playground. You can also slouch on the couch or sprawl on the floor with them while telling stories from your childhood, a sort of camping out on the living room. You can tell those ghost stories your grandparents have told you or just make them up. You may likewise ask their participation by adding pieces on your story. This will enhance their imagination and will eat up their time so they won’t notice the rain anymore, at the same time you bond with them in some quality time.


Do a dress rehearsal. Have you tried playing dress up when you were a kid? Well, you can let them try to dress up whatever they like. You just need to take out those old clothes from the attic and let them mix and match. After dressing up, ask them to portray those they impersonated. You can also add stuffed toys of your kids as motivation, props or accent.trans Ideas For Kids on Rainy Days

Prepare food together. Prepare a hearty meal as a reward of your kids’ performances, and also request them to help you in the kitchen. Teach them how to make their pizza or cookies, mix ingredients, or wash the vegetables. And, don’t forget to teach them that cleaning up is part of cooking. You’ll need a lot of hands with that.

Walk and sing in the rain. If there is no thunder or lightning striking outside, you can also traipse outdoors with your kids under the umbrellas. Do it barefoot and enjoy the cold rain in your feet. This is a very worthy and different time to spend with your kids.trans Ideas For Kids on Rainy Days

The long and short of it is: make them enjoy the rainy day as well as a sunny day, so they won’t dread the rainy day.  They know that they can still have the best times even if it’s raining outside, if they are creative with a willing you as partner. Though the activities are simple, if they are fun and enjoyable you are filling your kids’ memory tanks with times to remember for the rest of their lives.

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This was an article written by Mark- a father of two who often finds it difficult to control them while they are cooped up inside. During the day  Mark works at Hatton Farm Village - a Farm Village in Warwickshire with a large indoor play and soft play area.

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