How Fancy-Dress Can Help Children Learn


Children love to dress-upand can have endless fun creating games with their friends. We can all remember the games we played when we younger andthat imagination is a powerful tool.

As your children are young and discovering more about the world, playing dress-up with their friends may be a better learning experience then you may think initially. ‘Play’ isalso widely recognised as being valuable to a child’s development and well-being.

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Plan a Themed Day

On a rainy day children can get restless, so investing in fancy dress can be worthwhile for both you and your children. Plan a themed day and purchase some fun fancy dress outfits for a cost-friendly way of entertaining your children indoors. You could use this themed day to try and educate your children with a more memorable experience. For example, plan a ‘Victorian’ themed day and teach them some interesting history facts.Finding ways to bust boredom in the summer holidays can be exhausting so this can be a creative way to involve the whole family. If your children are having fun then it is a happier environment for everybody.

If you don’t fancy the idea of trailing around the shops to find fancy-dress options, there are many great websites online that can still provide good value such as Ace Fancy Dress.

Film & TV

From Disney characters to Grease you can find options from a wide range of film and TV programmes. This is a good category to look into if you’re planning a themed party or a fun film night in.

Book Week

Having a look for fancy dress outfits for your children for Book Week at school could make it a more interesting experience and get them into reading. Characters could include Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Harry Potter or whatever your child loves to read.


If you are looking for Medieval or Victorian costumes you could combine the theme with fun relevant Victorian games such as apple bobbing.


To teach your children more about geography look for ‘world’ themes for outfits from the oriental – Traditional Geisha outfits to Greek Soldiers.

So there are many ways to use fancy-dress to entertain your children and combining with games and stories, this can also create an enriching learning experience. Arrange a play-date and trial your ideas with your children and their friends, and have fun.

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