Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenagers

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Ah, the teenage years. So full of euphoria and angst. They’re still kids but they’re also mini-adults. They can be picky and their tastes change almost daily. What can you give the teenager in your life for her birthday if you aren’t sure what’s cool today? Here are some ideas.

Cold Hard Cash

Cash is always in fashion. But instead of just putting a few bills in an envelope, make your teen hunt for it. Make a scavenger hunt out of it. Leave clues starting in her bedroom and all over the house and yard. Make sure she knows that there’s a fabulous gift waiting at the end. Another fun way to give cash is to give a money tree. Make it yourself out of branches placed in a pot stuffed with florist foam. Or buy a little topiary or other potted tree and attach bills to it. You can hot glue small clothespins from a craft store onto the branches and slip the bills inside the clips.

Gift Certificates

If your teenager would rather die than be seen in the wrong clothes, let her run wild at the mall. Even teenage boys want to look fashionable, even though they might not admit it. Combine your gift certificate with a coupon for a free ride to the mall with his or her friends. Make sure your gift certificate is to a store your teen likes or risk rolled eyes. A VISA or MasterCard gift card is also another way to go so that your teen can spend it anywhere she likes. But be sure to read the fine print before purchasing these types of cards. They can often incur a fee if not used properly (say if your teen wants to withdraw the money as cash), so do some double checking.


If you can plug it in or pop batteries into it, teens will love it. This year, get your teen an eReader. These cool machines are about the size of a small hardcover book and allow the recipient to read books they download from the Internet. They can choose from thousands of titles and also check their email, write to friends, chat and more, all from their little eReader. It’s great for a student that loves reading but wants to appear hip and not geeky. Why carry books? That’s so last year. This year, your favorite teen can carry an eReader in his backpack and be among the trendsetters at school.

Teens may be hard to buy for, but if you ask them they will give you suggestions. Better to ask, even if you love giving surprise, unique birthday gifts, so that you don’t risk purchasing something you think is fabulous but that has geek written all over it from their perspective. It’s fun to be the modern aunt or totally fun uncle that gives their niece or nephew an item on their wish list.

Consider starting a tradition on your teen’s birthday. Take them out for burgers or a trip to Starbucks and spend the afternoon shopping or visiting the Game Stop to check out the latest games. Whatever your teen is into is where you’ll want to start your shopping. Everyone that can remember being a teen themselves knows how much fun it is to get a gift you really love.

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