Ben10 Challenges Will Thrill Both You And Your Brother

ben 10

Ben10 is an animated American TV series which includes some eternal themes of children’s fantasy. Concerning the adventures of a boy with a hi-tech, magical bracelet, the games based on the series are also excellent fun.

Fantasy and Fun

The ability to transform into magical creatures has long been a staple part of children’s fantasy and science fiction stories. The Ben10 animated series is a new spin on this old idea, with the main character using his bracelet to bring adventures to his life in all sorts of unexpected ways.

If you have a younger brother who is aged between five and 14, then you may well have watched this interesting and stimulating series. If you enjoy watching the TV show with your little brother than it may also be of some interest to you to know that online computer Ben10 games based on the series are also available to play.

The Ben10 games are free and provide some colourful and entertaining challenges for young people who enjoy the TV show. There is a good selection of games to choose from, all testing different skills and providing different scenarios.

Brotherly Bonds

Playing computer games is a good way of bonding with your little brother too. Often, it can be difficult to play video games together because of the difference in skill levels or interests. High intensity war games might not be suitable for your younger brother because of his age. Other games may present too much of a technical challenge for his tender years. The games offer a suitable way of getting stuck into some gaming action together, as you can find much common ground here.

The controls for the games are simple, relying on keyboard control, usually via the arrow keys. Newcomers receive clear instructions during the early stages of game play. The graphics run smoothly and there is little sign from the animation and controls that you are actually playing online. The sound effects are also impressive and the whole experience of game-play is a good way to introduce your little brother to more advanced gaming subsequently.

Creative Collaboration

The games also use familiar faces from the TV series as characters, meaning that your little brother may actually know more about what to expect in the games than you do. There are also some additional features in the online games which can add to the experience of playing them. Some games have features which allow you to create additional levels. Not only does this provide more challenges, it also means that you and your younger brother can collaborate creatively and think up some really testing situations for the characters to solve.

This means that you can spend more time with your little brother, developing your relationship and learning from each other. Many parents might think that computer games are entirely negative, but when they see you and your brother enjoying time together like this, they may well change their minds.

Olivia Kane has been enjoying computer games since he received a ZX Spectrum for Christmas in 1983. Since then, she has worked as programmer and ben10 games designer, as well as journalist. She now shares his expertise with a wide range of blogs and websites across the internet.

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