Amber Jewellery: What’s All the Fuss About?


Amber jewellery has recently experienced a surge in popularity. Not only is it an attractive stone, but it has also been used as a natural healing remedy for centuries. If you’re interested in organic remedies and healthy living, amber may be the perfect stone for you. Even if you practice a healthy scepticism when it comes to alternative medicine, you can still recognise and appreciate the beauty of amber jewellery.

The History of Amber

The most popular kind of amber is Baltic amber and in prehistoric times, it was found on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Baltic amber has been found in Egyptian tombs and in burial sites around Germany, Scandinavia and Poland. In the seventeenth century, many people believed that amber could be used to help protect people from the Bubonic Plague. This was probably just superstition, but the healing properties of amber have been consistently documented throughout the centuries. Amber has never been recorded as having any undesirable or harmful effects. All evidence suggests that amber is a revered stone because it acts as a natural soothing agent.

Healing Properties

Amber has been said to promote healing for common ailments including anxiety, arthritis and chronic illness. Amber necklaces are supposed to provide pain relief for the head, neck and throat areas, and help with congestion. The amber must be in continuous contact with your skin, as this allows the amber to heat up and release its natural goodness. If you go to a spa, you may find that the masseuse uses amber oil as rubbing it into your skin can help take away many aches and pains. Amber bracelets are very popular with the over 50s as it is said to help control the pain of weariness, arthritis and rheumatism. If you have a chronic condition or are in pain for any reason, it’s best to consult your doctor before trying an alternative healing method.

Amber for Teething

Mothers are now using amber jewellery when their babies are teething as an alternative or supplementary soothing method. You don’t have to eschew the regular creams, gels and rusks, as an amber necklace and bracelet can be used as an extra precaution when your child is growing his or her first teeth. If you’re interested in using amber jewellery as a safe, baby-friendly solution to teething problems, you can find out more from a specialist seller like Amber Pumpkin.



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