A day at the races

day at race

It’s always great if you can think of something different to do at the weekend. It’s good to get outdoors if it’s nice weather, but when you’ve got young children the options can be limited. It’s not always practical to take them on a big hike in the countryside, for example. You have to build them up to that kind of exercise – unless they’re young enough to carry in backpack carriers, and even then, they won’t want to spend too much time in those.

Of course, there are lots of farms and petting zoos you can go to, but when you’ve been to a couple, you get the feeling that you’ve seen them all. But if your kids love to see animals, an alternative day out could be a day at the local racecourse.

Watching horse racing is something that the whole family can enjoy, and many race courses host family day events, where there’s more on offer for young children, including bouncy castles and fairground type games. There are horse race tracks in every state; it’s just a question of finding the one closest to you.

If you’re planning a day at the races, it might be a good idea to watch a big event like the Kentucky Derby on TV with the kids so that they know a little bit what to expect. You could even try out your luck on picking horses to win with betfair.com, one of the biggest online betting exchanges in the world. On Betfair there’s no conventional bookmaker, it’s just people placing and accepting (laying) each other’s bets, so the odds are generally better value than you’ll get elsewhere. Even if you don’t know much about racing, placing a couple of small bets can make watching a big race that bit more exciting.

Then, if you decide to head off to the races as a family, you could always place your bets at Betfair before you go. Having watched a couple of races on TV, the kids will be excited as they know what to expect and you’ll have the fun seeing some exciting racing action while spending time as a family outside in the fresh air.

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