7 Family-Friendly Activities for an Active Childhood

child hood activities

Leading an active lifestyle in your younger years is the secret to a happy and healthy childhood and will give your child the skills they need to progress into adulthood. Participating in activities can be a great way to create happy memories and with the media pushing parents to do more to combat childhood obesity getting fit as a family has never been so important!

The following activities can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities, why not make it your mission as a family to complete a least one of these activities every week over the coming months? Try out these 7 activities and become one step closer to an active family life…

Cycle Yourself Fit: Cycling is an excellent activity that all the family can enjoy and exploring the many cycle paths and routes in your local area can make a great and interactive day out, which is just what you need to beat boredom during the summer holidays. For younger children, cycling can allow them to discover more about the natural world around them as well as being a fun way to get about!

Family Fun Run: Taking part in a family-friendly fun run or charity event is also a great way to get fit and stay fit. Not only will completing the event itself be an exciting bonding experience, the training leading up to the event will also increase camaraderie.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: Windier summers may not be as pleasant as sunny climates but they do have their upsides. Flying a kite is an activity that sticks in the memory of many children, so take advantage of the blustery weather.

DIY Den: Getting active doesn’t just mean running or cycling, you can also develop your own and your child’s DIY skills by building a den or a tree house over summer. Depending on your skills, you can create a fun space that all the family can enjoy for summers to come.

Join a Sports or Activity Club: During term time, weekends and the school holidays, there will be a variety of sport or activity classes available to suit your child’s interests and your budget. Do a bit of research about what is available in your area and support your child in their newfound hobby.

Park Life: There are so many beautiful parks and green spaces across the country so take advantage of this free and fun activity. Even parks with limited facilities can provide the perfect space to climb trees, roller skate, cycle, throw a Frisbee or play football so enjoy them during the summer weather.

Holiday the Active Way:  Taking your new active lifestyle on your holidays is a great way to continue getting the physical exercise you need as a family. There are a number of active holiday destinations and packages, all of which give you the opportunity to experience something new!

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