5 Reasons to Take Your Kids to See the New TMNT Movie


customized battleshell tmnt leo donnie1 300x250 5 Reasons to Take Your Kids to See the New TMNT MovieAlthough the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film is set to release in early August of this year, just a few short months from now, the tight-lipped cast and crew have released very few spoilers, and there isn’t even a trailer out to entice the public. But that hasn’t stopped the loyal fan base for this wacky franchise from speculating ad nauseum about the project. And the few tidbits that have been released concerning an alien origin story and the inclusion of Megan Fox as intrepid reporter April O’Neil have certainly added fuel to the fire. But the truth is that this reboot is bound to feature a lot of throwbacks that franchise followers will recognize, as well as some new stuff to continue the progression of the license. And if you have been a fan of the heroes in a half shell since their comic book premiere in 1984 (yes, that was 30 years ago), you’ll no doubt want to share this imaginative universe of mutant animals with your own children. Here are just a few reasons to take your kids to see ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ this fall.

1.  Share a childhood love. It’s not surprising that these pizza-eating, crime-fighting, catch-phrase spouting mutant reptiles would capture the imagination of children, what with wicked skills in ninjutsu, a mentor that is a giant rat, and of course, the improbable premise that chemical ooze could turn four otherwise normal turtles into giant, mutant teenagers. And although the titular turtles have gone through several iterations since their inception, thanks to movies, TV shows, video games, and merchandising, this cinematic relaunch could give you an opportunity to share a childhood love with your own kids.

2.  Same turtles, new look. i09 and several other sites have published photos of the models for the new turtles, and although they look similar to previous incarnations, the overall appearance of the turtles is a bit edgier than it has been in the past. The tautly-muscled turtles of today look like lean, mean, fighting machines, and their attire speaks to their ninja influences, with chest plates, bracers, and wrapped sandals and boots that would be at home on the set of Shogun.

3.  A world of whimsy. TMNT is traditionally set in the modern world, but with one major caveat: mutant turtles live in the sewers and emerge to fight crime. Of course, it is all explained, if not entirely believably, by the presence of chemical ooze in the sewers that causes animals to mutate. How they became ninjas or why they are typical teenagers is open to speculation. But the point is that this whimsical take on the average superhero yarn is bound to ignite the imagination of your kids.

4.  The ooze is back. Fans that were distraught over the new origin story have nothing to fear. Although there may still be an alien element to the film, toys showcased at the recent New York Toy Fair featured ooze, so it appears that it is still part of the franchise.

5.  Michael Bay = explosive action. Okay, so Michael Bay is the producer, not the director. But Jonathan Liebesman, best known for thrillers like Battle Los Angeles, is at the directorial helm. So this movie is likely to have plenty of action and adventure. Even if the pyrotechnics that Bay is known for are missing, the movie is likely to be action-packed. And while the average TMNT forum may spend more time speculating about the look of the live/CGI hybrid turtles, there is no shortage of talk about the potential plot of this franchise relaunch. One thing is certain with action vets Bay and Liebesman on the picture – it’s not going to be boring.



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