5 Most Popular Toddlers Games and Activities

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Even the greatest parents need some reluctive ideas to entertain toddlers at home when they feel alone and require some special allotted presentations. Be choosy when it comes to kids entertainment as you are far behind from their imaginary world but you can match their wishes by providing special games that builds their knowledge and also helps in skill development at young age. Here we are taking 5 best toddlers games and activities that make your kid feel happy and also develop his skills as a growing child.

Start storytelling for toddlers

This is one of the finest activity followed by millions of parents around the world that makes every kid feel something about imaginary world where you describes some creative characters who are role models for kids and when kids grow up they always remember story told by their parents to set an example of good and bad habits in life. Storytelling is first and firmest activity for kids education and they also like to listen to you before taking a deep sleep.

 Rhymes and special kids videos

You need special nursery rhymes for entertainment of kids that definitely helps in building a strong personality of your toddler. Some sort of relaxing videos for kids will be ideal choice for entertainment when you are traveling with entire family. It helps your kids learn with fun and also provides big reasons to start their study with interest. Animated version of popular rhymes will be great choice you can provide them for entertainment and they also learn by means of simple technique of funny videos for kids.

Pillow Fight Game

Let your toddler behaves like a fighter when it comes to pillow fight, take some pillows out of your bedroom and let him play with them. Pillow fight is one of the best indoor games you can play with kids and it will be safest mode of defining protective behavior to your toddlers. Kids love to jump off the pillows and it will be their most interesting activity when they learn to stand on their feet.

Educational Apps on Smartphone

Download some educational apps on your Smartphone and teach your kids a new lesson each and every day. It is fun activity for kids as they like to play with your phones but you can’t allow them to freely browse your important data, you can hide some useful apps from them to save it and educational apps should be on your home screen where from they will learn new things every day.

 Online Coloring games for girls

Try online coloring games for girls to teach your toddler new habit of painting with their imagination. It will be fun activity and they would like this. Lots of websites offer free download service for online coloring games for girls and you will be able to allow your kids something new at the beginning of their schooling.

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