3 Things Every Parent Forgets to Pack on a Beach Trip


A trip to the coast can be one of the best family outings you can have and your kids love it most of all. Of course, every trip has the potential to be made better by that well remembered item which – when brought out just at the right place and the right time – can add that little extra touch of perfection to the day. So if you and your family are planning a beach trip, here are 3 things you really need to remember.

Wetsuits and Spare Clothes

Everybody seems to forget that the British coast line is windy and that the North Sea is freezing cold. This, obviously, won’t prevent your kids from diving in head first, but they might regret it a couple of hours later when they’re catching a cold. To prevent this, you need to remember to bring a spare set of warm clothes with you for your kids and if you have the funds for some wetsuits like the ones available from Konfidence, you should invest. They will decrease the chance of your kids feeling the chill, and will be useful for years to come.


For our first point, we noted that it’s always colder than you think at the beach, but it can also be brighter and hotter than you’d expect, too. That’s why you ought to remember to take sunscreen with you – even when it looks like it’s going to be a cool and dull British day. For a start, the great British weather is notoriously chaotic, and can change from raining and old to bright and hot in the space of half an hour. Just remember: if you forget to pack it, you’ll end up buying some on location, and the prices are sure to be hiked up at the sea side. Of course, you also need to ensure you’re buying new sunscreen every year.


You’d be surprised by how many people forget to take water (or any other drinkable liquid) to the coast. Of course, the explanation is that subconsciously, people see the ocean – a vast expanse of water – and immediately feel hydrated. It’s important, however, to fill a couple of 2 litre bottles with water and bring them with you. Just like the sunscreen, it will cost you a lot to buy it at the beach, so it’s best to have it with you and will prevent you getting any headaches or other symptoms of dehydration.

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